"While a motion picture can be an incredibly powerful medium in the complex way that stories can be told, photography has a starkness and mystery that motion picture lacks. A still image can have a powerful and unwavering presence that stimulates curiosity and emotion."


"It is fun to listen to music alone, concentrate and create something out of nothing" and as she jokes, a silver gelatin print has value beyond the image it captures "when our economy crashes and the dollar is worthless, maybe I can barter silver for bread."

Yay AreaReid Harris

"In Vejle, where I live, the art scene is not big. It's more like an underground thing and I love the people here who do things their own way without a big audience."

TravelReid Harris
1 Year

"I find it increasingly hard with people being constantly plugged in and just blank faced."

Yay AreaReid Harris
10 Years

"Working with film for me is like an experience, not just going out to shoot a bunch of non-sense images, it's more about slowing down to thinking about how I'm going to shoot my next photo ..."

Reid Harris