1 Year

Distraction is easy (you should probably check Instagram right now).

Dedication, however, only requires discipline. Even if you've only been at your craft for a year. San Francisco based photographer Chris Longyne knows a bit about diving into street photography. As the lead-in sentence would suggest, he has only been a photographer for a year, but for it he spends all the time he can shooting, watching photo lectures, learning the history surrounding photography, and meeting other people involved in the wider community.

Those wanting to get better at photography, or even start, always tend to ask how to make great photos. Like most things that are worth while and therefore inherently difficult, there is no magic silver bullet or a quick summary to give.

It takes time and effort, trial and error. Chris shoots all the time and cites consuming everything you can photography-wise to find your own taste when it comes to making photos. Learning the rich history behind photography is often less talked about and goes beyond reading the Wikipedia page. It is about learning about the very story of the story tellers that came before you, as you too are now a story teller.

And to be a true story teller you have to be open to story in the first place, to get comfortable with getting closer to people. This can be hard, undoubtedly, especially in a city like San Francisco where everyone is hyper-focused on making tremendous jumps in careers.

"I find it increasingly hard with people being constantly plugged in and just blank faced."

So instead, Chris looks for life.

"I look for people who are feeling life and showing it. People who are singing, laughing, loving, feeling angry. I like that stuff because everyone can relate to it. We are all people and we all go through those emotions on a daily basis."

Perhaps that is more than enough reason to be dedicated to photography; the search for life in the ever-evolving story of humanity.

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