10 Years

How do you slow down when everything moves so fast? Take stock and immerse yourself in the world immediately around you?

If you are photographer Rafael Gonzalez, you make photos. But make them on film. Force yourself to slow down and think about where you are, how the light is playing off the geometry with everything in front of you to forms shapes and shadows. And when composed together into frame, can produce a captivating image. A moment that allows anyone choosing to view that same photo, a breath into a small amount of tranquility. If they pause to look long enough, then a moment can transform into an experience.

"Working with film for me is like an experience, not just going out to shoot a bunch of non-sense images, it's more about slowing down to thinking about how I'm going to shoot my next photo ..."

Over the course of ten years, those words have acted as a guiding principle to help Rafael maintain his own style of photography. The same ten years that has seen the rise of iPhones and Androids. Plus the proliferation of billion of photos thanks to the rise of social sites, like the ones that undoubtedly directed you here in the first place. It is about taking a step back and a moment or three to breath. To find a composition worth capturing.

"I'm still producing my work the same way in this era of fast images; the only thing that has changed is the fact nowadays its easier to share works and get noticed by using these sites/tool."

And maybe that is where we find a bit of solace. That, in this age of exponential proliferation of imagery, there is a reason not to shy a way from a process that may take more time or a medium that may take more effort, but rather to embrace it in a manner to help elevate and expose that very way of life and culture.

If only for a brief moment of peace. 

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Reid Harris